Who We Are

The acronym CESCI stands for Center for Socio-Cultural lnteraction a not-for-profit organisation. The centre is situated near Madurai, in the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India. It hosts training for the for the social activists and provides an ideal environment in which they can take time to reflect and to recover from the mental and physical demands of their work at the grassroots.

CESCI is a direct form of solidarity. The social organisations and activists on rights of the landless, women and the marginalised communities. A great part of its success is owing to the persistent efforts of men and women following the Gandhian philosophy with the will for social change to the betterment for the marginalized. Since last two and half decades, 1000 of activists work for awareness building, social rights and self help groups. Most of them stem from the same segment of the population they render their service to. Hence, they are familiar with their problems and issues and are able to find suitable solutions.


  • To support people in the social change process, to relieve oppression and to work to bring about social justice.
  • To organize training, education, awareness and communication programs for social activists, NGOs and not for profit institutions in order to bring about social change.
  • To enhance the quality of development projects by equipping involved personnel with adequate knowledge, orientation, motivation and practical skills.
  • To initiate development oriented dialogue between persons from diverse cultures, religions and disciplines in and outside India.
  • To network with like-minded institutions and individuals, creating synergies and common action programs.
  • To provide a platform for interaction, exchange of ideas and promotion of the message of non-violence and social transformation according to Gandhian principles, among individuals from different walks of life.