Support Association

The CESCI Support Association

The CESCI Support Association, which has charitable status, was founded in 1996 by Maja Koene with the aim of supporting the CESCI Centre in Madurai both financially and in other ways. The association also supports the social reform movement, Ekta Parishad and creates awareness for its work in Switzerland. In addition, the association promotes the transfer of specialist skills and socio-cultural exchange between the two countries.

To achieve these goals the association organizes exchange programs and educational trips and acts as a contact point for these programs and trips; stages public events; collaborates with related organizations and carries out media work; and raises money for projects in and around the CESCI Centre and for the work of Ekta Parishad.

Become a member of the CESCI support group 

Members pay an annual membership fee: In addition it is possible to support different projects, take on recurring commitments, such as sponsoring a social activist in India, or become a benefactor by remembering CESCI in your will.

The group’s active member’s work on many fronts: they arrange trips to India and workshops, help to organize the annual theatre festival/workshop which takes place in CESCI, accompany Ekta Parishad on Padyatras (peaceful marches for social change), raise financial sponsorship for the activists, sell fair trade products and organize the financing of small-scale projects.

CESCI Support Association is an active, growing group with committed, open-minded members.

For Annual membership please contact

CESCI Support Association
P. O. Box 3355, CH-8021 Zurich