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Market has changed our life style and we all become or branded as consumers in the world. The modern life style makes us to depend more on market for our daily needs. We forget how to make a sustainable simple living along with the nature. What we are today is based on what we were eating. We don’t know the food what we are eating now days. In the name of green revolution and high productivity the modern science has destroyed the mother earth by putting large amount of fertilizers and pesticides. It only helped the greedy for making more wealth. It destroys humanity and many other natural beings from this planet earth. Time has come to realize this mistake and to go back the harmonious way of living with the nature. Natural farming or Organic farming is a way of life and that is the need of the hour to sustain the humanity and secure the world for the next generation for a better living. Gandhi said “god has given enough for our needs not for the greed”

Vision, aims and objectives: it aims to promote the natural way of farming among farmers and help people to get good food to eat for a healthy body, mind and soul for creating a better world.

  • To promote farming as a decent profession,
  • To train and encourage people on organic farming
  • To sustain the eco system and balance way of lives of all beings
  • To create a better nation by providing better food to the people of the country

Campus facilities

  • CESCI Organics centre has two sections of buildings in 1.5 acres of land. A small building in the entrance of the campus is an office building with a training hall facility.  The second building on the lower part of the campus is equipped with some oil crushing machines to make oils.  The land available in the campus is cultivable and has many mango trees.

Present activities

The centre is active in two levels. One, it act as a training centre on organic farming and it also active as a value addition production centre. This is an economic activity with social commitments. The centre is producing edible and non edible oils with the oil crushing machine. This activity helps the centre to reach the community who produce various oil seeds like ground nut, gingili, dry coconut, neem, etc. it also create a possibility to create linkage with the market  for selling the products. At present the centre have products like Ground nut oil, gingili oil, coconut oil, neem oil, and mixed oil. The centre also sells products like cakes from the wastage of oil production that can be used for cattle feeds. Neem cake is very good organic manure and the centre is supplying large quantity of neem cakes to the farmers in the nearby area for their traditional agriculture practice. The centre also provides service to the villagers to make their own oil by crushing their oil nuts. This process helps the people to connect with the centre directly and carry the message of need of organic farming.

Products for sale

The following products are ready in the centre for sale in bulk and small quantities.

1.       Ground nut oil 2.    Gingily Oil 3.     Coconut Oil 4.     Neem Oil
5.       Mixed Oil for lamps 6.       Cakes (all above products)

Those who are interested to purchase and more details please contact

CESCI ORGANICS. Ph: 04365264898


CESCI Organics is located in

P.R.Puram village, Middle Road, Velankanni, Nagapattinam district of Tamilnadu – 621 111.


Committee of the CESCI ORGANICS is as follow

Mr.Rajagopal P.V President
Mr.K.Panchaksharam Secretary
Mr.N.Muthuvelayutham Treasurer
Mr.Vinod Kumar T.K Member
Mrs. Krishnammal Jegannathan Member
Dr.G.Pankajam Member
Dr.S.Jeyapragasam Member