Facilities Available at the Centre

CESCI is architecturally designed to suit its unique training approach, developed so that living and learning together is a fundamental aspect of the residential programs. Participants and resource persons reside together on a campus designed to correspond to village life in India.

The campus consists of a group of buildings constructed by using traditional Indian techniques and materials. The accommodation is located in two wings, connected by the communal shower and toilet areas and has a capacity to accommodate a maximum of 75 people. The kitchen and the open-air dining area, are located at the centre of the premises and provide good quality South Indian vegetarian food.  An airy meeting and meditation hall, an open air amphitheatre, a library with video equipment, books and DVD’s, as well as an additional meeting hall are arranged around an inner courtyard. Trees provide shade and flowers add color and beauty.

Conference and meeting hall facilities are available in the centre and those who want to know more about the contribution and availability, please contact us by email cescimadurai@gmail.com