Why volunteer in India?

India is undoubtedly a land of stark contrasts and few countries on the earth can compete with the enormous variety that this country has to offer.

North to south and east to west, the culture, language and people are remarkably different. India represents an ideal travel destination with its unique mix of cultures, exotic landscapes and vast collection of natural and historical wonders found nowhere else in the world

In less than 20 years, India has become the second fastest growing economy in the world, making significant progress particularly in the fields of information technology and industrialization. However, while India’s metropolitan cities can compete with the best in the world, millions of people are still living below the poverty-line, eagerly awaiting a helping hand.

Why volunteer for CESCI?

As a volunteer for CESCI, you will play an important role in promoting cross-cultural understanding that helps create global awareness and provides the platform for positive change in the world. Provided with opportunities for social work, you will be able to interact with the people at the grassroots level, working among local rural communities with other volunteers from around the world. Most important, you will be able to put your knowledge and skills to work for Global Peace & Social Justice, you will gain valuable experience! Being a volunteer for CESCI is a great way to develop your skills and use them as an advantage for your future career

Live in “Incredible India”!  Our volunteers live and work in India, a wonderful country rich in diversity, culture and history

Be valued! Since the very beginning, you`ll get challenging and rewarding responsibilities and will be free to propose your own initiatives.

Broaden your horizons! You will make friends and get to know different type of people. Besides, you will also enhance your appreciation for the diversity and richness of other cultures.

Who is CESCI looking for?

CESCI looks for students, graduates as well as experienced people that can work in the following domains.

International Communication



Web designing


Research – on land, forest, water, agriculture, corporate social responsibility, human rights, economic sustainability, etc.

Translate materials (brochures, films, books, articles, etc.) produced by CESCI and its network.

Organize a fundraising activity to support different activities of CESCI / Ekta Parishad

How to apply?

To send us your application, you will need to send a curriculum vitae and a letter in which you expose your motivations. Please precise the domain in which you`re interested to work in.

Kindly send the details to Mr. Vinod Kumar T.K., Director, CESCI  the volunteer responsible for CESCI as well as Ekta Parishad: vinodekta@gmail.com or cescimadurai@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you